Naomi Goodsir is a fashion designer and milliner from Australia, now based in
Paris. VOGUE Italy named Naomi Goodsir as part of the Best New Talents 2014
for her sculptural headpieces.

The Eau de Parfums are created in France, and follows the lineage of
independent perfume houses; a passionate creator whose vision and atypical style
inspire perfumes that reflect Naomi’s discerning universe.

Each Eau de Parfum is considered unisex, and formulated around a noble raw material


Iris Cendre - “Iris Ash”

Created 2015
A rare floral fragrance, exotic yet creamy, with a touch of citrus, spice and woody notes.


Or du Serail - “Gold from Serail”
Created 2014
A delicious, ‘wet’ tobacco style fragrance; voluptuous and gourmand, with notes of
candied fruits and woody, amber tones.

Bois d’Ascese - “Ascetic Wood”
Created 2012
A smoky, woody fragrance; captivating and enigmatic, notes of spice, whiskey, amber.

Cuir Velours - “Soft Leather”
Created 2012
A rich leather fragrance, deep and textured, with a touch of rum and incense


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